Artist Book
Softcover brochure
Edition: 50 copies
62 pages, 150 x 305 mm portrait format

DAMASK is initially an artist's book, which goes into series. It is a collaborative research project, which uses text and images to examine answers for specific questions in a nonlinear way of thinking. It creates its content by building a network of contributors; their writings or visualizations take the form of a mind-map or collage, which encourages the aim to find new ways of knowledge transfer.

Contributors: Marcus Quent, Arturo Cancio Ferruz, Malin Hain, Shirin Barthel, Ruvi Simmons, Lilli Döscher, Kiron Guidi
Design: Hjördis Behncken, Insa Deist

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http://www.danielatakeva.de/files/gimgs/th-67_Seiten aus Damask11_29-2_web.jpg